JUNE 9, 2010

Introducing Mac mini Open Compute Cloud (Mac mini OC2)

Mac mini servers on-demand. Our Mac mini dedicated to you. Free!

San Francisco, CA -- June 9, 2010 -- introduces Mac mini Open Compute Cloud (Mac mini OC2), an Internet cloud service providing on-demand compute capacity using dedicated Mac mini computers. It combines the hardware and software advantages of server colocation with the low cost and instant deployment of cloud computing. With provisioning and setup of a Mac mini in minutes, web developers now have a 100% dedicated Mac OS X Snow Leopard solution for cloud computing that does NOT share hardware resources or use virtualization.

Mac mini OC2 instances feature a 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB memory, 320GB or dual 500GB hard drives, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Snow Leopard Server. The new, mightier Mac mini is a fast, reliable, and cost effective little powerhouse. Run web applications, publish databases, or share files easily. With Mac mini OC2 there is no hardware to purchase, no hardware to ship, no lead time, and no commitment. Replace an aging Mac mini Internet server with a new Mac mini OC2 instance.

Introductory Special

Get a new Mac mini OC2 instance rental and Mac mini colocation FREE with the purchase of Internet bandwidth. Don't worry about success. With free bursting to 100Mbps and no data overage fee, there are no surprises. With no contract or commitment required, cancel at any time. is conveniently located next door to Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, and near Moffett Field NASA AMES in the heart of Silicon Valley. Now open in 2010, this Class A facility is a former SGI data center. Features include: 24/7 Onsite Security Guard; Dual 1.5 mega watt generators; UPS network; Raised floor; FM200 Halon fire system.

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