Xserve Cluster

Need server colocation service for your G4, G5, or Intel powered Xserve? Whether 1 or 100 servers, macminicloud.net can help. Create your own supercomputer with a cluster of Xserve servers in our world-class data center featuring grade A bandwidth and redundant BGP routes to the Internet backbone. Now open in 2010, our Class A facility is a former SGI data center conveniently located next door to Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, and near Moffett Field NASA AMES in the heart of Silicon Valley. (More...)

Monthly Pricing *
Xserve G4 $200
Xserve G5 $250
Xserve Quad Core $300
Xserve 8-Cores $350

* Bandwidth not included


  • Server Colocation
  • Locking Cabinets
  • Private Cages
  • Remote Hands
  • Fiber Internet


  • 24/7 Security Guard
  • Dual 1.5 MW Generators
  • UPS network
  • Raised floor
  • Halon fire system


Xserve Cluster Rack Xserve Cluster Rack Xserve Cluster Rack

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